101 Weaning Finger Foods for Babies and Toddlers

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Whether you choose to wean baby led or spoon fed, there will come a time when you introduce your little one to finger foods. They are so called because they are bite-size pieces your baby can pick up with their fingers. Finger foods are important for your child to learn about food. The textures, shapes, smells and colours are all discovered by curious inspection for your little one. Introducing finger foods allow your child to begin feeding themselves. They also help to develop their dexterity, hand-eye coordination, facial muscles and eating reflexes.

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finger foods for babies and toddlers

We’ve researched this huge list of finger foods for you to keep in your weaning arsenal, for those days when you’re stuck for ideas or want to introduce new things to your baby’s diet. You’ll see we don’t have any fruits or veggies on the list, because these could fill the list alone. We highly recommend serving a portion of fruits and vegetables with every meal. Some of the suggestions are ready to go and other are recipes, which will take more time to prepare. The aim was to find recipes which contain ingredients most households have as staples. A lot of the recipes can be frozen and defrosted on those days when you’re short on time.

Finger Food Safety

It’s important you cut up the foods to an age-appropriate size for your baby. A toddler will manage chunks of food larger than a 7 month-old baby. You must always supervise your child when eating, at all times. We recommend attending a baby and child first-aid course to prepare yourself in case your child does choke whilst eating. You may want to attend with a family member if they frequently babysit for your little one.

101 Finger Foods for Babies and Toddlers

*All foods must be cut to an age appropriate size*

1. Toast
2. Crackers
3. Rice cakes
4. Cheese cubes or grated
5. Cooked pasta shapes
6. Sandwiches
7. Chopped egg (12m +)
8. Mini pancakes
9. Cheerio’s

10. Cauliflower cheese bites from Little Grazers

11. Mini quiche from Julias Album
12. Frozen Yoghurt buttons from Lady Behind the Curtain
13. Cous cous fingers from One Handed Cooks
14. Mini meatballs from Newleaf Wellness
15. Sweet potato fries from Mom needs to know
16. Chicken Potato Balls from What is cooking now
17. Mashed potato cakes from The Inked Vegan
18. Fruity Oatmeal Bites from Healthy Little Foodies
19. Apple Pie Fries from Oh Bite It
20. Porridge Slice from The Gingerbread Mum
21. Falafel Fingers from Hello Bee
22. Broccoli Tots from Gimme Delicious
23. Broccoli Cheese bites from Mommy Craft Obsession
24. Baby Omelette from Egg Recipes
25. Ice Lollies
26. Raisins
27. Rice Balls from Doctor Yum
28. Jelly Cubes from Grasping for Objectivity

29. Chicken Quinoa bites from Becky’s Best Bites

30. Salmon Spinach Fishcakes from Mama Cook
31. Baby Cookies from Oven Haven
32. Veggie Cakes from and Away We Go
33. Cinnamon Apple muffins from Give Recipe
34. Cheddar basil bites from Life Love Liz
35. Sweet Potato Croquettes from Little Grazers
36. Tuna Burgers from Little Grazers
37. Chicken Apple balls from Net Mums
38. Pulled meat (chicken, pork, beef, ham)
39. Pork Apricot sausages from Baby Led Weaning Recipes
40. Cooked beans (butter, cannellini, pinto etc)
41. Watermelon pops from Kidspot
42. Spinach Balls from The Kitchen is My Playground
43. Chicken Drumsticks
44. Pizza Puffs from Lick the Bowl Good
45. Dumplings from One Handed Cooks
46. Scones
47.  Cold Meat slices
48. Sausage rolls from Good Food

49. Fish fingers from Food 4 Tots

50. Onion rings from Fitness Food Diva
51. Banana Cookies from Super Healthy Kids
52. Carrot coins from Mama Cheaps
53. Courgette Bars from Creative and Healthy Fun Food
54. Cheesy Triangles from Homemade Baby Food Recipes
55. Vegeta- balls from Homemade Baby Food Recipes
56. Apple turkey Fingers from Food
57. Baked Tofu
58. Apple Rings from Babble
59. Crunchy wedges from Mummy Musings and Mayhem
60. Peanut butter bites (12m+) from Plumpie cooks
61. Scrambled eggs
62. Pinwheels from BLW ideas
63. Banana Bites from My Fussy Eater
64. Popcorn chicken from Food 4 Tots
65. Banana Sushi from Mouths of Mums
66. Crumpets
67. Gnocchi

68. Jam tarts  from Made @ Home by Febie

69. Yoghurt Nibbles from This Life After Single
70. Cauliflower nuggets from Honey and Figs Kitchen
71. Fruit roll-ups from Popsugar
72. Raspberry oatcake from Small Wallet Big Appetite
73. Rhubarb Strawberry Squares from Small Wallet Big Appetite
74. Jelly Worms from Laughing Squid
75. Fruit Loaf
76. French Toast (sweet or savoury)
77. Banana Bread
78. Quinoa crust from The Wholesome Dish
79. Chickpea Bities from One Handed Cooks
80. Vegetable Shreddies from One Handed Cooks
81. Breadsticks
82. Mini Muffin from Little Grazers
83. Chicken Kiev Nuggets from Baby Led Weaning Recipes

84. Baby Pizza from One Little Project

85. Cheese Twists from Little Grazers
86. Porridge balls from Little Grazers
87. Broccoli frittata from With Her Own Wings
88. Courgette Polpette from Things for Boys
89. Mexican Lentil Bake from Little Grazers
90. Onion bhajis from Frugal Feeding
91. Sweetcorn pancakes from Girl Versus Dough
92. Strawberry pikelets from My Lovely Little Lunchbox
93. Yorkshire Puddings
94. Pitta Bread
95. Salmon Footballs from Annabel Karmel
96. Burgers (beef, chicken, pork, turkey or vegetarian)
97. Noodles
98. Polenta Chips from My Lovely Little Lunchbox
99. Mini Meatloaf from Homemade Baby Food Recipes
100. Apricot Coconut Balls from Childhood 101
101. Apple turnovers from BLW ideas

Serving Ideas

There are lots of fun ways to present finger foods to your little one. Most parents will simply place the piece of a high chair tray. As they grow and begin to toddle around consider buying a good quality weaning bowl or snack pot.

We also love the idea of using a mini cupcake, muffin or ice cube tray filled with a variety of finger foods for you little one. This is a great idea for a toddler play date or party when most of the guests are still unable to eat full size portions.